Session 159 - Emptiness of the mind


Hello Son,

I am glad you are channelling every day, now that your mind is a lot clearer.

You have an interesting topic, Emptiness of the mind. For a person to learn, he must put away his opinions and start all over again. In other words he must empty his mind, which is full of biased opinions and conflicting with his ego.

A teacher when he is teaching a student, the student must listen and recognise that the teacher has more knowledge than himself. If he keeps on interrupting as if he feels he knows more, his learning capacity will decrease.

I know that I am away from the question, but it is important that you understand the basics of learning.

Letting go of opinions, about knowledge that a person has only a fraction of, is an important start. You have been patient and quickly realised that the knowledge available is not always true, so tapping into the higher self is the only path to righteousness.

The emptiness you are facing right now, is you letting go of unwanted knowledge and starting all over away. However, this does not mean that it is going to be permanent. The new mind you have is fresh of knowledge and truth from me. The memory or long term cosmic memory capacity is increasing, as you are learning extremely quickly. This in turn is accompanied with understanding, this too is increasing.

The emptiness of the brain and mind is the beginning of a download of the infinite knowledge of the cosmos and beyond the galaxies, which is entirely up to you. The emptiness is the awakening which is happening to you. Now pause for a minute, and think back one year ago, then look at now; how much you have learned and quickly too. Because you emptied the mind and let go of all the knowledge you had in your head, and accepted that there is more to learn; at the same time you accepted that what you knew was not enough.
Now that the family are going to read this; the first step all of you have to take is the step your brother had to take, that is to empty the mind of all opinions and accept that you do not know the truth. This acceptance is critical to understanding the mind of God and the Creator of the universe. Having opinions on something that you may have read is not enough. Everyone must accept that they actually know nothing. By doing so, you have the first step to learning. Next is to listen for the first time. What this means is being alert to signs that will benefit and enrich one’s life.

This start is a connection with the higher self that every person should try to make. A connection that once made correctly, will stay for the rest of one’s life.

The family have to learn to empty the mind and listen.

When we listen carefully, we can hear our higher self communicating with one’s self. Let him guide you and teach you the truth.

He too is learning so be patient with him, but he is on a step further than everyone else so be aware of this.

All the family must make a commitment to learn the knowledge that God wanted everyone to learn from the beginning of time. Have this quest in the mind every day and every moment. This truly is a majestic moment in the history of the planet.  I wish I was with you in person, but I am overseeing all the family members to guide them to the correct path.

Reading the Quran is not enough to start from, but it is the knowledge contained in the words which are the essence of enrichment of the mind. It's the path that one must take to seek the truth about our own quest in life. This quest is for every person on the planet. All the family must learn to let go of routines which have made mankind a prisoner for everyone’s lives. Do something different and seek out the truth about oneself. We have constantly asked ourselves what our role in life is, this question has always remained unanswered as we are too busy with mundane routine which the dark lords of this world want us to believe, it is most important for everyone’s life.

The family must let go and seek the truth, this is the journey, the first step to contact with their higher self.

Learn quickly and understand that this is the most beautiful time in the history of the planet. This learning that you are going through, is a lot easier than a decade ago, much easier than even five years ago. This is the era of learning, as God is inspiring all of mankind, and I too am inspiring all of you.

The quest to the path is your own. When a person feels comfortable, a spark of happiness is ignited inside them and the inner voice tells you, the step is right and you have found your quest. Then we can relax as you have found the truth that everyone has been looking for.  

The first quest for everyone is to find God, this believing that he is the authority over all things, matter and all judgements. He simply knows every thought, every step one makes, every fluttering of a tree in the wind, in the entire cosmos and beyond and creation. The almighty Creator is the infinite knowledge of all levels of learning and creation.

So empty your mind and be silent, talk less and listen more.

Your mother; who still listens and focuses on her inner voice to guide her.