Session 158 - Changes in the future are not certain


Hello Son,

In the last few weeks and months, it has been a transitional phase of solitude, and it was necessary for you to take a big break from the channelling of that last year. This phase was for your mind to accept the new waves of energies that have come into the world and within you. What has happened is that the energies were so strong, it took time for your body to adjust and co exists with this change.

This transitional change is the settling in period, for the next change that will happen to you soon. Let the flow happen and go about your normal routine.

Changes in the future are not certain, so be prepared to cancel plans as others around you are changing their own plans too. In simple words, future events are not set in stone as the Creator wishes to save as many lives and ascend as many people as possible, who are willing to listen. The truth is out there and in the last year, millions of people are waking up to the truth about their own lives and the necessary changes they have to make to survive on this planet.

Mankind has truly become fed up and angry at being a puppet for others. He is beginning to stand up for himself and be counted. He is becoming brave as wisdom is rushing inside his mind. This is the start of awakening that so many people are going through.

It is the right time to carry, on a regular basis as before, by selecting topics for discussion. As members of the family are eager to read your channelling.

Be patient and remember I will protect you from any harm.

Your mother; of infinite spiritual wisdom from above and below.