Session 157 - Wake up as mach relatives as possible

01- Mar-2011

Hello Son,

I know due to outside ‘interference’, once again your routine has had to be changed. This is a reminder that you cannot escape your surrounding into solitude and the importance to stay connected with people, with real problems.

In society there is a constant reminder of the difficult social problems and issues. It is again a reminder to evaluate one’s own life and use the Law of Karma and its outcome to one’s own affect.

Societies are not tuned into or consider outcomes from ones owns decision making. Far too often, selfishness and no consideration is a common practice. There are not enough giving and aiding people in need, but instead the thought ‘it does not worry me because it is not happening to me’.

Now you need to open up or should I say wake up as much relatives as possible. This weekend is a good start, so start teaching and showing them where to research and find the answers to the future.

For yourself, a research topic you should do. At the moment you are aware of most people about the near future, however, there is a need to really develop your own vibrations and still be connected to society such that you can teach your own experiences.

You are tired so I will depart, but stay connected to me.

Your mother; of inspirational wisdom of infinite knowledge.