Session 154 - Sanctuaries for those that seek the truth


Hello Son,

There are many places around the world which have not been touched by civilisations. These places are exactly the same as they were several thousand years ago. These are sanctuaries for those that seek the truth and a place away from the rapidly growing materialistic world of work and bills.

These isolated places are unique as they preserve the old way of life and habitat. Mans greed always overrides his true heart self; he always wants more and is never happy.

Around the world, these places are; three in the high Himalayas, in the deserts of Mongolia, several places in China-Russian border (NW NNW N), Alaska, Canada, in the preserve forests of America and Brazil, several dozen remote islands in the Pacific and Philippine sea, in the Australian desert and Antarctica.

All these regions have their own unique plantation, animals and in some cases people or second density entities.

Then there are secret mystery schools teaching the old and correct knowledge handed down from the masters. Again they serve a purpose of preservation of knowledge on the infinite wisdom of the Creator.

Do not change your mind about your decision to leave, trust in your ability and seek out the truth.

Your mother; who will preserve, the knowledge in you.