Session 153 - What spiritual masters have done to receive enlightenment

09-Feb- 2011

Hello Son,

It is time for you to meditate in the evening, as well as in the morning. You must take the advantage of these immense energies feeding the planet; before they disappear forever.

Remember, this ascension is the ultimate paradigm, as the planet ascends into light and the fifth dimension. This has never happened before in its history.

Connecting to the new frequencies can only be done through meditation and channelling. It requires the discipline and silence in thought to initiate the process. There should be no outside interference to disturb the process. In the beginning, practice deep breathing before you start any meditation. This will relax the mind and keep it in focus. Listening to music will help as this is what you do.

Next thing to do is find out what spiritual masters have done to receive enlightenment; is their secrets to success, in finding the ultimate knowledge of infinity? It is this discipline that will lead to success within you.

Another thing to remember is spend as much time to the cause, and not get diverted by other meaningless jobs.

You are tired so I will leave you, but I'll keep on inspiring you every minute of the day.
Your mother; of compassion and wisdom.