Session 152 - Sacrifices lead to a glorious outcome


Hello Son,

I support your decision in leaving teaching; now that you know the truth on what is happening in the coming months. There are plenty of sacrifices to be made but the outcome is going to be glorious.

You must now think deeply about what you are going to do after the teaching and where you are going to go.

Being organised and having an agenda is essential; to give your life a meaning and purpose. Continuing with the meditation is essential as part of your spiritual growth and spending more time with the extended family to teach what you know and telling the truth about what is going to happen.

These tasks leave to the Creator, whether they believe it or not, you tell the message clearly as possible.

I can feel the relief inside you on making the decision to leave teaching. It was becoming a burden and a hindrance and it was stopping you from the main task of ascension.

I always told you that I will guide you to the truth, you your self have done extremely well in making major decisions. I support you also, for Dad to retire; together you can look forward to the future.

Now continue with your routine and hopefully more truths will come out soon.

Your mother; of intense delight, that you have found the truth and the safety in your mind.