Session 151 – Decision and Action


Hello Son,

Changes can only be made, when there are decisions and actions happening in people’s lives. It is not simply a wand where certain things happen by magic.

Two things occur, we discussed this last year; however it is important to discuss this again.

Firstly, it is the idea that comes into the mind; when this happens, begin to think it through. We begin to analyse and ask ourselves the basic questions, how, when, where and so on. When thinking becomes deeper and deeper, and we are thinking about it all the time, then steps can take place. A person has now accumulated this energy and start carrying out the action, to make the task achievable. This could be anything or any item; it is through action when the events of time change. In turn, God gives us all the resources to carry it through, because of his love and compassion for mankind.

Secondly, when other people intervene and do the task for you, this is another way of achieving the same goal.

Whichever method the idea comes from to the person as long as his intention is pure, this will benefit that person. But in people this sometimes can be irregular, because they attract negativity, and so it does not happen or materialise.

It helps to think things through and not to rush. It is like planning an event or a wedding; the organisation one has to go through to make it happen.

When a person walks the positive path most of his life, then how can that person be punished by the Creator. Whatever the person does, he is so used to the positive path he will always stay on that path; it is his/her wisdom that knows what is best.

Life is like breaking a maze and trying to solve it as quickly as possible, but there is no quick solution sometimes. On occasions we are faced with other mazes to solve; in this material third density planet, it’s normal.

Your mother; who understands the needs and achievements of mankind.