Session 150 - Original DNA finger print of the God particle


Hello Son,

The vortexes of energy vibrations are penetrating the cells of your body. You must remember it is the cells and sub cells that awaken in ascension as they contain the original DNA finger print of the God particle. As this happens, the higher conscious and pineal gland merge and make a connection and acts as a translator and guide.

The cells of the body contain the blue print, while the higher conscious is the reader and translator to the conscious body. This is a perfect harmony of the mind, body and soul. When this happens, the understanding and awareness of the person is enhanced. We begin to understand the purpose of life and our original design. We are then able to understand why we came to this world.

However, when there is no understanding of the purpose of life, then we are bound to the gravity and turmoil of this third density planet. This is full of confusion and bewilderment.  

You are still going through the awakening process, and yes you will fully awaken soon, and it will be sooner than you think.

Life around the globe is changing rapidly as the energies feeding the planet are intense. These energies are making everybody wise and confident about their personal goals in life.

For a long time, as mentioned in earlier channelling, everyone has been enslaved in their non meaningful lives by doing the same thing over and over again. We become robots, doing the daily jobs without thinking and happily did it as it was easy or less demanding. In some cases people did things even when they were not happy, as they felt they were trapped and there was no way out.

The negative forces, who have governed this world, are becoming powerless and hopeless day by day. Mankind is beginning to believe and fear is no longer ruling their lives. It is this fear the darker forces kept the whole planet in.

I will see you later and continue reading.

Your mother of wisdom and light.