Session 149 - The experiment that mankind was in, is officially finished

04-Feb- 2011

Hello Son,

Today is a special day as there is a major shift of consciousness. As the zodiac sign of Aquarius fades into Pieces, energies of a new density is flooding into the planet.

It is the desire of the Creator that as many people as possible ascend. The experiment that mankind was in is officially finished, suffering is at an end. However, the souls who are still not tuned into the changes will still be affected by the illusion and will carry on as normal. They are the ones who ignored the advices, signs and direct advice from different communication aids.

As this shift goes through this phase, it’s penetrating the cells of the body. Consciousness is awakening; we are becoming more tuned into these energies. Yes we become more astute and brighter. Perceptive is a better word to use, as we are more aware of our surroundings and there is an incredible amount of desire for the truth and our human origins.
The higher self in some people, will knock on the door of our subconscious mind, telling it to talk or make a connection. In turn it will send inspirational energies to make a decision for the better of one’s life. The higher self is tapped into the super infinite knowledge as it too wants us to see the knowledge and use it.

All around the world, people are rebelling against their own environments, i.e. workplace or governments. Because enough is enough, they are demanding the change in their worthless and invaluable lives. They are realising that all their hard labour has no value and gained nothing from their experiences. They are demanding satisfaction from everything they do, they are simply not happy.

Mankind has lost its way for millions of years but there is hope, as people seek happiness and contentment. It is the energies of the vibration, Love, where everything emanates from. This seed has now been planted in all/most of mankind to seek for themselves. It is the graciousness and mercifulness of the Creator to forgive major sins in some people, to help them in their quest for fulfilment and happiness in their lives.

You must carry on reading and change your evening routine for maximum effect in the quest for full awakening.

You now have realised that the last major shift happened in the beginning of the eighties, so many were awakened and helped to educate thousands of people all around the world. This is happening again but on a larger scale. As you have read from numerous websites, how so many individuals possess so much knowledge. It is truly amazing that people have become so quickly awakened in a short space of time.

Remember you are a part of this.

Your mother, who is inspiring the changes in you.