Session 148 - Man will soon realise the secret of the universe


Hello Son,

This tiredness you are feeling is the high energy frequency waves that are flooding the Earth right now.  

This energy flow is the next phase of the awakening for mankind; however, there will be millions and millions of people that it will have no effect upon. They are the arrogant ones who dismissed all the messages from people and carried on with their materialistic lives. They will miss out on the incredible journey which is soon to happen. This journey is full of wonder and awe and amazement. Man will soon realise the secret of the universe and his own journey of creation.

Try to sleep more and recuperate as much as you can, as the energies carry weight. But it will soon pass and as you are typing, I am awakening the body and getting rid of the tiredness.

I am glad that you asked the family what they all want for themselves, but remember to ask your wife as well. In general the family is quite satisfied and are happy to wait for the events to unfold and make any decisions at a later date.

It is a waiting game right now as events all around the galaxy are unfolding and ascension is taking place. Remember, the Creator is answering the prayers of billions of people who are suffering and basically fed up of the current economic and social environment. Do not be led and fooled by the media who are corrupted, and who have manipulated and enslaved the enlightened ones in their wicked charade.
It is important you carry on with all your duties as normal, however very soon there will be major changes to your likening. Until then, do not be too hasty.

You need to carry on reading in the evening and finish off the book. Keep up the background and foundation work. This will help you in the future.

Your mother, who awaits your return to her.