Session 147 - Spend more time on contemplation


Hello Son,  

You need to be clear and be determined from now on, in what you want in the next two years. This is a disciplined knowledge that requires a lot of patience and sacrifice. So change your routine every morning to channel with me.

Again you have researched a great deal in the last four months to find the truths about spirituality and the current climate and situations which will overcome the planet. However, we need to go back to your training and the link to the higher self.

The higher self is the link to infinite knowledge and the link to all truths about every cell to every planet in every solar galaxy, and of every creation. This infinite knowledge of ‘I AM’, is the search for everyone in the world and all creation. The Lord of creation has always wanted to be recognised and so planted a seed in everyone to activate and search for one self and consequently this will lead to the Creator.

The current vibrational frequencies require that mankind spend his time more on contemplation and to seek and strive for happiness.  

Mankind has lost himself too deeply in the material world and has realised that things have to change. This realisation is the change of frequencies that are flooding the planet at this time. It is the awakening of the wisdom and the cosmic Christ, of the fifth dimension.

All around the world, man is now aware day by day, that things at the current time are not hospitable to live in and suffering inside is in nearly every household. People’s lives are in turmoil, most are not happy with the things around them especially the expenses for food and basic needs. The Creator has watched mankind for a long time and has now called for the changes to take place.  

You must now realise for yourself that there must be changes to yourself as well. These changes are for the whole family to see. As the head of your house, you must decide for yourself, what the family really needs deep inside.  

There is much progress and deep reflection and analysis of situations going on in the family, but there is longing for change in every person in the family. You must ask them and fulfil their wishes so that they can too, move on to their next step in their awakening. Do so today and have faith, as you always have, that things will get better and better.

Do not be distracted by negative comments, because truly the final changes to the planet are a secret which only a handful of people are aware off.

Everyone in the family is settled and is comfortable; however there is a need for change, so make that change.

I will leave you with this final statement above.

Your mother who will guide you to the correct change for the family, believe in me.