Session 146 - Hunger for the truth

22-Jan- 2011

Hello Son,

You have spent a lot of time searching for the truth and in effect practicing your own freewill.

I am glad that by doing it your own way and finding things out for yourself, you are satisfied about the things which are going on right now and in the near future.

The channelling will come back, so do not worry that feeling the connection has disappeared. You’re fully opened and energies and vibrations are flooding into your body and every part of every cell.  

You have spent the last several months which can be best described as a journey of discovery where you searched on the net to find the knowledge which will satisfy and develop you, spiritually. I am glad you have done this, because just relying on me and others was not benefiting you.

You have also realised that the hunger for the truth is growing and the excitement is growing too; the anticipation of what is going to happen and when.

Let me tell you patience is important, and letting yourself go along the flow is beneficial and less stressful. Life will carry on with its ups and down, mixed emotional days and excitement, you must carry on too.

Channelling with me right now is an important part of your growth, and taking a break of several months was a good thing. So do not think that was a bad judgement on your part.
These months apart, you have spent them well, your knowledge and beliefs are growing and I can feel the energies growing inside you. This has always been the plan. I can only show you the door and you have to go through it yourself and find what you are looking for.

We need to start picking topics again and I will go through it with you, like before.

Remember each sitting is like doing muraqba, as you have made a connection with your higher self and me.

I will see you soon today, in the mean time, do all the things that need to be done, school work and shopping. It is important to free the mind of all unnecessary clutter and worries.

Your mother who is glad that you have found yourself through knowledge and recognises the struggle you are going through each day.