Session 145 - Vibrations are coming from Planet X


Hello Son,

The ever changing planet and its new vibrations are coming from Planet X as it comes nearer and nearer to this world. With this all the planets in the solar system are receiving vibrational frequencies which are like a revival tonic that regenerates every cell in the body. However, this revival only is effective if a person is tuned to the frequencies. Depending on how good their personal tuning is, the more effective it becomes.

These frequencies are ending the suffering and the negativity around the planet. It is the great wishes of the divine Creator to end all negativity and that more and more people move to the light and receive the creational attributes that was bestowed upon them millions of years ago. Indeed, things are moving forward, for some it is not quick enough.
Freewill plays a significant part in the ascension of man, he must submit and relinquish his desires and accept the divine Creator and the ascension process. All past and present suffering is the result of Karma and that too will come to an end. If man only believed and let go of the thoughts that plagues the mind, then and only then can change happen. He must be patient and let the process happen and permeate inside the body.
Remember this process has not happened in millions of years and it is a delicate and intricate process that requires the utmost care and divine guidance.

Your mother of divine knowledge.