Session 144 - Alignment of the two hemisphere of the brain


Hello Son,

Yesterday was a glorious and eventful day for the planet. It was the alignment of the two hemisphere of the brain. This alignment will take some time to get used to and the benefits will be very quick.

Man for a long time has failed to understand the benefits of the brain and utilising them together. Instead, he has very crudely said that we only use 5% or so and the rest we do not need to survive in this world. It has been labelled as junk or ‘the rest is not activated so we do not need it’.

We have to ask ourselves why did God create the brain for mankind to only use approximately 5%? Mankind have failed to understand the latent and spiritual attributes that lies dormant and is waiting to be found. When this potential is awakened then the mind and the rest of the 95% of the brain is awakened too.

You have read in the past how the past nations used their spiritual knowledge to aid themselves in their lives. But now, what has happened is that this age has a lack of faith, and not truly believing in God has resulted in the belief of material goods as happiness. Diseases of the mind are on the increase as the brain is not used properly and is polluted by unrelated junk to think about and rubbish gossip.

When will man wake up to all of this, as it is still increasing?

Your mother who waits until the next time.