Session 143 - It is good to have a break


Hello Son,

It has been a long time since you have channelled with me but as you know that I have been with you every step during that time. Sometimes it is good to have a break to clear the mind and have fresh ideas.

A person can easily become static and devoid of energy and inspiration; leading to a blockage and ailments stopping the flow of energies.

The time you have spent away, you have been very busy, and I complement you for continuing your quest for enlightenment of the truth. The desire inside you has not diminished but, grows each time you last sat down and channelled.

The writings you have read about the origins of man and their expulsion are true. Sometimes the truth due to cultural reasons cannot be directly said. It’s like in Islam where the nature about desires is not spoken of, instead it is told in parables.

A person after he has reached perfection in himself will be given the keys to the divine knowledge to read for himself and research the truth for himself.  

Your mother who understands the pressures of worldly life.