Session 141 - Mankind are still unaware of what is truly happening


Hello Son,

People have different opinions and how they perceive things. However you need to make sure that they do not shatter your own personal goals and ideas for the future.

A lot is happening and things are going to accelerate as new energies and vibrations are opening and distributed around the world. If they are tuned in then many will benefit in their quest for ascension into the next dimensions of learning.

Mankind are still unaware of what is truly happening and if they do, they are too much into their own little worlds and comforts. To change how people think, is not easy as they have been hidden from the truth far too long. Many still think that the whole idea of ascension and the apocalypse is silly and for ridicule. The truth is, no one knows what is going on.
As things have calmed down from the business of Eid, it is necessary that channelling must be continued, regardless what messages I give. It is the connection you seek and the intensity of each of the messages; then carry on until success is achieved.

I know it is tiring getting up at 4 to 4.30am in the morning, but success can only be achieved with sacrifice. It is having an impact and soon changes in you will be felt.

Remember to read the material from the masters on a regularly basis.

Try to increase the channelling as well.

Your mother with passion and delight.