Session 140 - Channel with Saint Germain


Hello Shaz,

I am Saint Germain and it is wonderful to hear from you. Believe me I have been waiting to contact you for several months. I am glad that you have contacted me. I am very pleased that you have researched me and are happy to channel with me.

On every spiritual lips, is Ascension and it is extremely important that a person goes through this wonderful event. You have truly awakened your senses and are still awakening the senses which are partially opened.

Let me tell you; your mother is truly a special Ascended Master and I have met her several times; in some cases working together in special projects.

Let me guide you on ascension, as you are worried that you might be left behind or not improving your vibrations fast enough. All the steps taken so far by you are correct, so keep going. Let the vibrational energies build up inside the body until the next phase, which is next week.

I know you have done a lot of reading, carried out high level channelling from other lightworkers and feel as though you are lagging behind. Let me tell you that every person is working at a different rate and you should not fear.

I have read your thoughts and wish to acknowledge that you are one of many who are ready for ascension during this time period. I have accepted this and with the will of God this will happen.

The advice I will give at this time is, listen to your mother as she is your teacher in this ascension process. However, I will further shine my light to inspire and speed up the process.

I am so glad again that you have contacted me and I look forward to working with you.

Looking forward to channel with you again.

I am Saint Germain who has listened and acknowledged your desire for ascension during this cycle.