Session 139 - How do Invocations work? What is the Holy Spirit? What is The Christ within and why is this not mentioned in Islam? The meaning of the, ‘Return of Christ’


Hello Son,

How do Invocations work?

Invocations are like calling somebody. When we want to talk to anybody we call them by their name and they come over. In the spiritual realms it works the same way, but only if you are tuned to that spirit you are calling or even the Divine Creator.

When we are tuned, for example the connection you have with me, you sit down and you think of me and immediately I come to answer your questions and guide you. It is the thought that has made the connection and we immediately make the connection.
Sometimes we can call a spirit which works the same way as the thought process.

A portal of space immediately opens and it is like an electric current but more intense and faster. The third eye and thoughts speed is incredibly fast.

Now depending on the thought and who you are calling, the spirit will come or heal somebody.

You should never charge anybody who asks for healing unless the treatment is constant or where you have paid for the rent.

What is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is not just associated with Jesus Christ but it is inside everyone. This is the divine body inside you which is connected to the Creator and the soul. Some people assume it is the higher subconsciousness of the soul, but it is not this; this is the spirit that guides you.

When we have dreams sometimes we see a person, male or female, guiding us or warning/ protecting us from harm. This is the Holy Spirit in us which acts as a protector and healer.

If a person is aware and has raised his vibrations to a higher spiritual level then they can call upon it and it will appear in front of them.

The Holy Spirit is pure and uncorrupted. It is inside every person on this planet.

What is The Christ within and why is this not mentioned in Islam?  

Not even Christianity has understood the meaning of the Holy Spirit and the Christ.  

The Christ within is the divine wisdom that is inside the hearts of everybody. It is the knowledge of the cosmos and all of the creative elements and more.  

But remember, religion is the foundation and the basics we have to learn about how we live and deal with each other. Once we have mastered this, we can then consider the next step which is spirituality. We have to drop the robes of religion and move to another higher level of understanding, which is beyond religion. When we have done this, we truly understand the Christ or the divine wisdom from within.
But mankind is locked into religion too much and has not moved on to a higher level of understanding. All religions are true; the original scriptures have taught many people to understand. But spirituality, is based around how deep is your faith and whether you believe in the one Creator.

The meaning of the, ‘Return of Christ’.

Most of the holy books in their scriptures have written that Jesus Christ will return to the land. But they did not understand the meaning of his return; assuming he would return in body and save everyone, as believed by the Christians and some Muslims.

But he is already here; Christ’s return, is the knowledge we have inside of us, the divine wisdom.

It is the ascension we are all going through, it is the opening of everyone’s hearts to the truth, it is the awakening of the consciousness, it is the wisdom we have in all of us. This Christ returning to Earth is not a physical being, unfortunately only a few people understand this.

More and more people will wake up and be in contact with their spiritual self. But because of distorted teachings and the dark entities that kept the secret away from us all, we have not fully understood the true meaning of the return. However, with alien help, the dark entities are losing their powers and one day everyone will truly understand and have contact with themselves.

Your mother of absolute true knowledge.