Session 138 - How does Karma work? What is Kundalini? What are Jinn?


Hello Son,

Keep the questions coming, now that the channelling is a lot more focused.

How does Karma work?

Karma on its own is one of 105 Universal and spiritual laws we discussed earlier. It is a major significance in everyone’s lives.

There is a common saying, ‘thoughts become actions’; and they do. Every decision we make in life through our thoughts lead to a portal opening. This means that an event has happened. For example, we think of an idea of going to a shop, then our logic takes over and we start preparing ourselves to go there. Then automatically our brain works this out, how to get there and how much money do I need to take. We then set off for whatever item we want.

Another example is relationships and making a decision about marrying somebody and carrying it through.

However, it is important to say that thinking without any actions, do not lead to anything but static energies that fade away and lose its potency.

Every day we make hundreds of thoughts and actions from basic to big decisions. So life is the result of karma and the actions we take.

However, some karmic decisions we make, carry on until a lifetime because some contracts as marriage have to be done. But if a person changes any decisions and cancels any agreements then the karmic energy will cease.

If a person is not happy about anything, rather than suffering he must change the channel so to speak, make new plans and carry them out. Otherwise he will have or see the same things over and over again.

Man in general lives in fear and is hesitant about change because he is not tuned into his higher self.

What is Kundalini?

This is the life force energy which can be accessed within the body and the spinal cord. But it must be learned how to energise and open up the energy.  

When we meditate, this life energy can best be described as the blood of the meditative body consciousness. It is this blood which is the electricity which drives the engine of all of the chakras. Impulses go through the body and sends messages to the brain and the subconsciousness.

There are lots of interpretations on the web; in essence, it is an energy force which opens up during a meditative state.

This energy is dependant how much the person is tuned into his higher self.

What are Jinn?

The Jinn state is the fourth dimension; when you are reading the lightworkers channelling, the emphasis is all about the ascension from 3D to 5D. However, there is a 4D state where in Islamic teachings, has mentioned this without any explanations.

There are entities which are vibrating at this dimensional state and they too live their own lives, but they are of a higher level of understanding and knowledge compared to the people who live in this three dimensional world.

In brief we can move to the 4D state of mind if we practice certain meditations and then we can see this realm. A lot of negative things have been written to provoke fear. But only an enlightened soul can reach these high vibrations.

Knowledge in this dimension is different and can be accessed to enlighten one's own quest, in their goals of achievement.

Through meditational practices a person can succeed in this.

Your mother of divine wisdom