Session 137 - What is Death? Explanation of the journey of the soul after death, Explanation of Karma and reincarnation.


Hello Son,

I know you are reading a lot and meditating as well, but I need you to push yourself and include channelling.  

Everything is improving; you are acquiring knowledge and have improved your meditation but the channelling needs to improve to include further higher level knowledge.

When you did channelling in the beginning of the year, you used crystals, use them again and start lighting candles as well to ward away bad spirits who can tamper with messages.

Every item of reading must be followed by me to explain the work. Try not to read too much because it is a new topic and it is easy to forget and not understand what the author has written.

Do some reading and we will follow it up with an explanation.

What is Death?

Death is a natural process of ascension of the soul; which we are all familiar with. However, in this planetary death, it's the start of a journey to go back and meet the source, The Creator.

When we are born, the vibrations are at their lowest and we are further away from the soul and our higher self. The aim and life’s challenges are to meet the Creator; but His vibrational energies are far too superior and vibrating at an incredible speed. If He started to communicate with us then we will not understand the words as we are vibrating at a different frequency. We are simply not tuned in.

Earth is the start of a journey to meet the Creator. We have to die many times before we can reach this vibration. Each time we die, the vibrations increases and we get closer to the source of the Creator.

There is another way which we all know about, and that is to raise ones vibrations, we must practice  spirituality and start meditating. This in effect is like a short cut and saves time to get to the source.

Humans on this planet, are the least developed, however, the Creator wants us to reach the levels as of the other planets in our solar system. This is why He has speeded things up in these current times.

Explanation of the journey of the soul after death.

There are many interpretations about where they go to.., for instance, purgatory or Araaf of which they are true. But it is important to remember that the souls stay in this solar system where we belong unless you are an ascended master then they have the trust to go and experience other galaxies and solar systems.

The journey through the solar system can be in two ways, which are depended on the vibrational frequencies of the person who has passed away. If his vibrations are higher, then he can be at a different level to the others who have a lower vibration.

Some souls can be reincarnated and end up at a different planet to live again and refine their frequencies.

It is important to remember that the planets have other species that live and go about their lives as on Earth; however they are at a lot higher level of intelligence than here.

We will go into detail another time as there is plenty of information about this on the internet.

Explanation of Karma and reincarnation.

Karma is the result of cause and effects in our lives. What we do and what actions we take, is karma. Our lives are the results of many actions and judgements we have taken during a lifetime.

Remember, the aim in life is to seek perfection as the Creator is perfect in everything He does and the actions He takes.  

If however, we have not become perfect in our life time then we will have to reincarnate again in another lifetime. This can be again and again several or thousands of times until we seek perfection.

If we notice, there are children born who are gifted or talented whilst others are not. This is the result of their previous life where they had already acquired the basic or advanced knowledge.

Everyone’s ability is different depending on how many times they have reincarnated in the world.

Reincarnation is the process and path to seek perfection and be closer to the divine knowledge which the Creator wants us all to understand.

Your mother of knowledge.