Session 136 - Read book several times before moving on


Hello Son,

You must learn how to use all the knowledge you have downloaded effectively. It is not just reading it like a book, but to adopt each practice accordingly when instructed.

Each couple of books must be read over several times before you move on to the other books. You will find that over time an understanding will be created with these books and they will make sense.

Do not let outside factors or relationships effect your moral, but put it at the back of your mind and move on. Your work, ascension and enlightenment is far too important.

When school starts, it is important that you make the time to carry on with the work and not get too involved with the school work. It may take several days before you create a new timetable to include the readings and meditations.

Today you must channel at least three times, this connection must be further tuned to perfection and there is no negotiation in this. I need to develop a further higher stage of vibration in you so I will see you later.

Your mother who knows the approaches and skills needed for enlightenment.