Session 135 - Hercubolous book


Hello Son,

I am glad during research you found all the knowledge that you were searching. They are wonderful books and all of them are relevant for these current times. It is amazing how everything just comes around; it was I who sent you the hercubolous book through the post hoping you will understand. However, it is not the right time but the book you still remembered, is in the back of your mind. Now look, you have accidentally found the author again but this time, his whole life’s work.  

These books are a life time’s work for the writer so read and study them in detail and understand and adopt the knowledge for these times. He has also written some guidelines for meditation and affirmation do these as well.

Now you can stop searching for other materials and focus on this work, just make sure you read light workers daily messages and the other spiritual news.

The knowledge has always been there but people were just not ready, their minds had not developed for this type of spiritual knowledge. As more and more are waking up to the truth, it has become easy to believe, not like twenty years ago where minds and beliefs were quite different as people were very rigid in their approaches to life. Their own belief systems were narrow and would not except anything other than what they were taught.

It has also become easier to make friends in other than your own religion.

This author had enormous vision and he is certainly an ascended master of the modern times.

Your mother who is extremely happy that you have found the knowledge your heart desired.