Session 134 - It is time for you to upgrade


Hello Son,

It is time for you to upgrade everything you are doing. The next four days there are going to be plenty of time for raising the vibrations and tune into your higher self. The meditations have helped you considerably as you are doing it so many times throughout the day, so well done for your determination.

I sense a little disappointment that progress is slow and there are so many loose ends that you want the answers too. You have to be patient and let the energies inside you manifest and circulate into each cell.

If you look back at the last 22 weeks, you have to agree, how much progress has been made, not forgetting the expansion of your mind to other beliefs. This has been a big step in your spiritual growth and believe me it is growing at a very fast rate.

You have not finished the tasks I set you, so keep researching and make notes.

See you soon.

Your mother who knows when the time is right for any change.