Session 133 - Why did so many different races come to Earth?


Hello Son,

Why did so many different races come to Earth?

Millions of years ago the planet was a new creation and the vibrations were lower than the entities that came here. You must understand and remember that Earth was and still is the least developed planet and consciously as well. As the Aliens were so developed spiritually, and knew the Laws of creation and Universal Laws, Earth looked very attractive to practice these skills.

Imagine someone like yourself who has just learnt an incredible spiritual Law and can create anything you desired. They had power to create genes and understood the programming of DNA.  

If we look back in Earth’s history, there were people who were half horse and half man; or men with wings; there were unusual and weird creations. But this was millions of years ago. Some aliens experimented and researched these types of creations and some worked on actually helping to raise the human’s vibrations.

When you complete your tasks you will realise the Aliens true potential of creation. Most are wonderful loving entities that are keen to help to ascend the planet.

Your mother who is keen for your success.