Session 132 - Improve the quality and tuning


Hello Son,

You will find that as time is going by, messages from Spiritual masters are going to increase. They too are going through a change in energy vibrations, so receiving messages from the ascended masters will be easier as they improve their tuning.

I know you have been busy reading and researching and carrying out the tasks I have given you, but the next thing to improve is the channelling. You must increase the times over the day when you talk to me. This will improve the quality and tuning. With regular and increased practice, the length of sittings will increase.

A recap, the tasks of the week are too read and make notes of planetary races and beliefs, what race had an impact to what civilisation and finally to increase the sitting when channelling. When you go back to school, the school work will increase and it will be difficult to continue with the routine. However there is the weekend to catch up with all of the work.

In the next sitting, come prepared with some questions that I can go over and explain.

Until later, your mother of wisdom.