Session 131 - Telepathic methods


Hello Son,

Once you have found all the different races and entities in the planetary systems, next is to research what each race teachings are and how they teach. Yes, most use telepathic methods but it is more than that.

What you’re doing is enriching your mind, so in the future when somebody asks you a question about different races or their specific speciality, you will be able to respond to all of those questions.

Remember my own personal library full of different religious books? I too had to do my own research and findings. It is like doing a particular course where the basics have to be learned.

When you have done this, also look at what period of time they came to the Earth and what culture benefited from them. Some cultures were able to advance their consciousness rapidly and ascend from this Earth, for example the Mayan people. They did not disappear but ascended, all of them.

The Egyptians too had advanced knowledge which they were able to use in building the Great Pyramid. They used this knowledge to raise their own consciousness and to learn and use the Akashic records to predict the future.

Your mother who has access to the Akashic records.