Session 130 - Origins of the planet and its dark side


Hello Son,

Well done for spending hours searching for the truth about the origins of the planet and its dark side. I know you are disappointed in terms of how much truth has been kept hidden from the dark lords on this planet. Masses of Earth’s history is hidden and polluted to show a different picture. There has been an agenda to keep all of mankind in the lower vibrations and far away as possible from the truth. However, it is very quickly changing and the veils are being lifted away from every consciousness that takes note and listens.

The vibrations are changing rapidly around Mother Earth as she ascends to the fifth dimensional realms and back to her former glory. Until then, there are going to be severe disasters coming very soon and many lives will be lost; this is necessary for the planet to evolve and mankind too. Keep reading about the truth of the history of mankind and its origins.

Your veils are slowly being lifted as you raise your vibrations and I know it is frustrating that you want more, but patience is very important as the body is getting used to the new energies being absorbed in you.

Your mother of ultimate truth.