Session 129 - Research a theme of your choice


Hello Son,

I am glad you are progressing so well and keeping up the routine of doing a minimum of 5 meditations a day. I know it is difficult and sometimes you are tired but keep going as the rewards are worth it in the end.

I want you now to research a theme of your choice; I can see you have one in mind, its planetary beings and systems. This is a good and interesting theme to start learning about.

Be organised and keep your notes in separate folders according to topics and subtopics. As you acquire each topic, more will be revealed to you through the guidance of the soul and the higher consciousness.

Start from the beings and different races and entities there are in this solar system and then work on their beliefs; how they perceive things and communicate.

Next, work on when did the first beings on this planet come and trace back the history of these different races. What you are doing is educating the mind to the truth which has been kept away from the dark forces around the world.

This research must be kept going as a long term project together with the reading you are doing right now. Once school starts you must change your timetable again but allow for the research to continue.

Your mother of inspiration.