Session 127 - Powerful energy from Solar Cycle 24 (last cycle) and Planet X


Hello Son,

A new cycle is coming into the world; this is the solar cycle 24. These are going to be the most powerful energies that have been transmitted to this world than ever before. But unfortunately it will have no effect on those people who are still blind to the truth or rigid in their ways. They will miss out in the transformation and the influences it will have to their cells and each DNA.

Those people who are constantly increasing their vibration and aware of the truth, will benefit in their awakening. It will help them to understand the truth and come to terms with the changes happening around the world.

This solar cycle is the last before the ascension process and has been ordered by the divine Creator Himself to illuminate its attributes and make it easier for the people to absorb its energies and frequencies.

These frequencies are part of other frequencies coming from the solar system as well as planet X. When combined together, they raise the consciousness and subconscious levels. It is important to remember that this is the third dimensional realm and mankind will ascend to the fifth dimension. Before anything can take place, the body has to change its characteristics and evolve; otherwise we will be just the same. These energies and the will of God, with the help of the evolved aliens, very soon will help you to the fifth dimension.

I know it seems that nothing is happening, but there are subtle changes in everything we look. Those people who are more tuned than others will notice the difference.

We can do an experiment by using a microscope to prove the changes. If we dissect a plant tissues and look at it through a microscope for the electrons and compare them to a past sample, we will see a cellular change. Even the mountains and rocks are going through their own transformations; it is because the whole planet is going to evolve, even a grain of sand.

As the planet raises its vibrations, we will absorb energies from each other and other creations from plants and animals.

Your mother who is enjoying being part of the ascension.