Session 126 - Cleaning of the Conscious Mind


Hello Son,

This week has been a cleansing of the conscious mind. It is why you have had a difficult time settling down as old memories need to be let go, for new energies to take their place.

What’s happening is a transition phase for your ascension. Old memories come in several forms; from hurt and guilt to happy and ecstatic. However, they all stop progress as our minds keep referring back to them and we feed on these thoughts and waste energy pondering over them.

To make way for new energies and a new identity in the evolution of yourself, it is important to move on and not hold onto memories that keep lingering in the back of your mind. Ascension is about control of your thoughts as well as your actions. It is like walking the path of a master, who has conquered all his emotions, e.g. sadness and happiness. This is so that whatever the situation in life a person has to face, he will be able to handle it with the balance of his consciousness and not make emotional choices that cloud judgement.  

Perhaps you are thinking that no progress has been made? But no, there has been a lot of cleansing as you come to terms with the balancing of the conscious and subconscious minds. Keep focusing and learn to let go of negative and unwanted memories.

I have been impressed of the number of meditations you have been doing through the day; a lot of progress has been made and your dreams too are changing.

Remember to write them all down.

Your mother who sits by you, every time of everyday.