Book 4 - 'Dimensional Thinking'

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Title Created Date
Session 126 - Cleaning of the Conscious Mind 28-Sep-2011
Session 127 - Powerful energy from Solar Cycle 24 (last cycle) and Planet X 28-Sep-2011
Session 128 - Body Harmonisation leading to DNA activation 28-Sep-2011
Session 129 - Research a theme of your choice 28-Sep-2011
Session 130 - Origins of the planet and its dark side 28-Sep-2011
Session 131 - Telepathic methods 28-Sep-2011
Session 132 - Improve the quality and tuning 28-Sep-2011
Session 133 - Why did so many different races come to Earth? 28-Sep-2011
Session 134 - It is time for you to upgrade 28-Sep-2011
Session 135 - Hercubolous book 28-Sep-2011
Session 136 - Read book several times before moving on 28-Sep-2011
Session 137 - What is Death? Explanation of the journey of the soul after death, Explanation of Karma and reincarnation. 28-Sep-2011
Session 138 - How does Karma work? What is Kundalini? What are Jinn? 28-Sep-2011
Session 139 - How do Invocations work? What is the Holy Spirit? What is The Christ within and why is this not mentioned in Islam? The meaning of the, ‘Return of Christ’ 28-Sep-2011
Session 140 - Channel with Saint Germain 28-Sep-2011
Session 141 - Mankind are still unaware of what is truly happening 01-Oct-2011
Session 142 - Death and the purification process 01-Oct-2011
Session 143 - It is good to have a break 01-Oct-2011
Session 144 - Alignment of the two hemisphere of the brain 01-Oct-2011
Session 145 - Vibrations are coming from Planet X 01-Oct-2011
Session 146 - Hunger for the truth 01-Oct-2011
Session 147 - Spend more time on contemplation 01-Oct-2011
Session 148 - Man will soon realise the secret of the universe 01-Oct-2011
Session 149 - The experiment that mankind was in, is officially finished 01-Oct-2011
Session 150 - Original DNA finger print of the God particle 01-Oct-2011
Session 151 – Decision and Action 01-Oct-2011
Session 152 - Sacrifices lead to a glorious outcome 01-Oct-2011
Session 153 - What spiritual masters have done to receive enlightenment 01-Oct-2011
Session 154 - Sanctuaries for those that seek the truth 02-Oct-2011
Session 155 - Periodic breathing before meditation 02-Oct-2011
Session 156 - Gradual process of downloading the vibrations within the body 02-Oct-2011
Session 157 - Wake up as mach relatives as possible 02-Oct-2011
Session 158 - Changes in the future are not certain 02-Oct-2011
Session 159 - Emptiness of the mind 02-Oct-2011
Session 160 - Golden moment to change ones routine of life 02-Oct-2011
Session 161 - Do not feel guilty 02-Oct-2011
Session 162 - Changes in the current atmosphere 02-Oct-2011
Session 163 - Why is spiritual knowledge hidden and kept secret? 02-Oct-2011
Session 164 - The knowing heart 02-Oct-2011
Session 165 - Why did God send prophets and then suddenly stop? 02-Oct-2011
Session 166 - The silence of the mind 02-Oct-2011