Session 125 - The Law of: Time, Unconditional Love, Unity, Universal Sympathy, Vibration, Will of God and the Law of Will Power


Hello Son,

Did I not tell you that your dreams will change? There are now going to be changes as energies are going to be stored up inside your body. You will feel differently than normal, sometimes heaviness or the opposite, very light. These new vibrational energies will settle down and will be moving around and be distributed to the cells of each Chakra.

Well done for starting your dreams and noting them down. I know it will mean a lot of typing at times, but remember it is the future that we are doing this for; you will very soon be rewarded for it.

Keep the routine going and be patient with yourself as the energies need to settle down.

99. The Law of Time. Life is having a thought, carrying it out and living with the actions as a result. When this process happens, time in the fabric of space is opened up and used. In other words, space is opened up and time is displaced.

100. The Law of Unconditional Love. When we appreciate or are unbiased towards any action, positive energies begin to flow and tune to the higher conscious of the soul which is made easier. This action in our behaviour is called Unconditional Love and the ego has no place in this emotion.  

101. The Law of Unity. As a person grows spiritually and is aware of his emotions and his soul, then he has mastered his identity and his life. We have discussed earlier that life is the result and actions of our emotions; consequently a person is able to raise his level of awareness to such a high vibration that he is able to conquer that barrier of perception to talk to the soul. As this link becomes closer and closer he is now one with his own identity. A person’s true self, is the conscious material body and the soul of the higher self and Greater Consciousness.

102. The Law of Universal Sympathy. This is when a person reaches a high level of perception and becomes telepathic. As a master, he is able to transfer or influence others by transferring information to the mind to help or support people and patients.

103. The Law of Vibration. This Law is the basis of all creation of entities and beings. This first vibration is in every part of everything that exists as without this there would not have been a beginning. This very vibration encompasses every space in that entire cosmos.

104. The Law of the Will of God. Once a student has reached a considerable and high level of consciousness and has gained the trust of God then he has mastered the vibration, I AM. He is now able to use the will of God which is the command of the divine attributes to help and sustain the world.

105. The Law of Will Power. This follows the above Law and is the extension of the Will of God. The power is the energies and the commands that associate with the Will of the God. To reach this level of vibration a person must be a high ranking Master of consciousness. He, over years of sacrifice by meditating and spiritual cleansing, will reach this high rank.  

Your mother, who is immensely proud in you for completing all the Universal Laws.