Session 124 - The Law of: Teaching, Telepathy and Three Requests


Hello Son,

From now on when you meditate put the led sheet under your feet. The usual method of meditation is to focus on a circuit of energy coming from above and flowing through the body and out of the feet. The energies will flow back to the cosmos and complete a circuit, then starting all over again. However, your body needs to store the energies inside and in the cells. The method is the same; you need to repeat this daily until I tell you to stop.

96. The Law of Teaching.  Mankind has evolved many times due to people giving and passing on their knowledge. The value of teachers is immense and the only way to learn any type of knowledge.

97. The Law of Telepathy. By raising your vibrations to a certain frequency, it is possible to read and guide someone using telepathy. The power of thought together with telepathy is a useful tool in teaching and helping others.

98. The Law of Three Requests.  Whenever we pray or request a higher power to assist, we bring stronger energy to the effort by repeating our request/prayer three times.

I am glad you are spending more time to meditate. Your dreams are going to change and it is the right time to note all of them. Again these are going to be an inspiration to all who will read them.

Keep reading and I will start teaching you certain topics as long as you have finished the Universal Laws. These are the basics of life and an understanding how God has organised the way we live and conduct ourselves.

When you are free, start reading back the chapters and go over them again and again, you will be surprised.

I know it is a battle mentally with so much going on in your personal life, but keep going. I know but the life after ascension is wonderful and everlasting. The old memories and pain will be overtaken by the ecstatic joyfulness and intense love.

You are truly loved by all the Angels who protect you and even they are inspired and are in awe by your patience and tolerance. The belief that has made your foundation is strong; it is why you will overcome hurdles that come your way. I am glad that you never gave up, as sometimes you postponed ideas for a later date.

Your mother who will reward you soon.