Session 123 - The Law of: Sound, Spiritual Approach, Spiritual Awakening, Summons, Surrender and Synthesis


Hello Son,

It is time to take account the details of memories in your life and leave them. It is no good living in the past and getting yourself confused. The future is most exciting, it is going to come very quickly and everyone alive will wake up to the truth.

Lives have been destroyed by the dark negative entities that infiltrated the minds and hearts of mankind. As a result they destroyed the quality of life and the family structure, especially in this day and age, where almost every household has a problem of some kind. It has been difficult in these days to get by with so much emotional upheaval. Thankfully, the Creator has decided enough is enough and commanded the changes. He has listened and granted prayers of millions of people, to save them from their personal hell.  

Life is changing from the worst to the most exciting and there will be enormous rejoice when this comes. It will be very soon and when we look back we will forget the pain and suffering of the past. Such is the mercy and grace of the Creator; He will instantly make everyone forget their woes. Until then keep to the timetable and your development, these changes will be easy for you.

90. The Law of Sound. Every creation has a vibrational frequency and a sound that can be measured and heard. This sound is unique and only belongs to each creation.

Sound also opens up portals of space and draws in information from the higher self. When this happens, the mind communicates the findings. Sound plays a very important role to mankind. For instance, listening to music brings about different types of emotions.

In religion there are different types of mantras, chants that alter the changes in a person’s life or prayers.

91. The Law of Spiritual Approach. This is the action by which we emulate the consciousness of the Creator, ‘I AM’. This is achieved by enhancing and bridging the gap between the material consciousness and the subconsciousness of the higher self.  

In the beginning, every soul was a mirror image of the Creator and was able to create and use the power of thought. Mankind needs to find himself by watching every action and stepping into the positive light of the higher self.

92. The Law of Spiritual Awakening. This follows the above law; when a person decides and adopts a positive and spiritual approach. He is spiritually awakened and is able to access, receive messages and guidance from the higher self, which is closer to the Great Consciousness of the Creator.

93. The Law of Summons. When a person reaches a higher state of perception and is spiritually awakened, he is able to summon any soul that he desires. A common phrase is to talk to the dead comes to mind. This is purely positive energies which are taking place and the negative ego has no presence here.

94. The Law of Surrender. Surrendering yourself is to say, to gain the trust in God, the sole provider, the sustainer of all our needs and desires. This is not an easy step to take and could take time to surrender to the will of God. Mankind is lost in the material world and the thought of believing in any Creator has diminished rapidly over the years. Whereby what we see with our naked eyes is worth believing in.

95. The Law of Synthesis. The Will aspect; one of the three major laws. Although this law is almost impossible for any but the Buddha faculty to understand the scope of this law, it demonstrates the fact that all things - abstract and concrete - exist as one. It is a unit of His thought, a thought form in its entirety, a concrete whole, and not the differentiated process that we feel our evolving system to be. It is the sum total, the centre and the periphery, and the circle of manifestation regarded as a unit. It is the primary law of a Heavenly Man. The law of attraction has full sway. The law of economy is transcended.

Finish all the Laws this week and we will move on to another topic.

Your mother who has the knowledge of the Creator, 'I AM'.