Session 122 - The Law of: Human Right Relations, Right to One's Own Space, Sacrifice, Schools, Service, Sex, Solar Evolution and Solar Union


Hello Son,

It is important that you fast during the month of Ramadan; this will help in raising the levels of vibrations of the higher self. At the same time keep reading literature and ask questions so that I can clarify any misunderstandings or anything you are not sure about. Do this as a must and clear and empty your mind; I know this is not easy, but keep practicing at this particular time.

82. The Law of Human Right Relations. This is to protect you from each other; this means that we should not enforce a will or an action against another person's will. We have an inbuilt mechanism which guides us automatically in how to deal and talk to each other. This only works when we are positive and not in an angry/negative frame of mind.

83. The Law of Right to One's Own Space. Every person has the right to develop in their own way that is consciously and subconsciously. This Law follows the one above as a protection of being over powered by someone else.

84.  The Law of Sacrifice. This Law is in two parts; Sacrifice is to surrender one's own will for the benefit of others. We can give many examples in life experiences. A person who also surrenders his time to help others is a higher form of sacrifice. In other words there are benefits from what type of sacrifice has been made.

85. The Law of Schools. (The Law of Love and Light). This is a mysterious term used to cover the law as it affects the expansion of consciousness which can initiate experience, and the ability to attract to oneself through knowledge. For example;

1 - His own higher self, so as to produce alignment and illumination
2 - His Guru
3 - That which he seeks to know
4 - That which he can utilise in his work of service
5 - Other souls with whom he can work.

This law applies to a person who has transcended to a stage of self-consciousness.  

86.  The Law of Service. This Law is the results and outcome of the above Law; when we have acquired the necessary background knowledge and have reached a creditable higher consciousness, then we can practice and teach others. In effect, we are serving others and at the same time growing our own subconsciousness.

87.  The Law of Sex. This is the merging of two opposite poles in union and their completing a circuit of a continuum consciousness. By completing this union, a person’s consciousness grows.

88.  The Law of Solar Evolution. This law is the sum total of all the lesser activities.

89. The Law of Solar Union. When the interplay of the Suns is being dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this term is occultly used. It is not possible to enlarge upon it.

Now take a break from the Laws and research the current spiritual news which is circulating around the globe.

Your mother of intense, understanding and patience.