Session 121 - The Law of: Repulse, Responsibility and Rhythm


Hello Son,

Yesterday, you used the time well to search for the truth and learn new knowledge. As you have found a Spiritual Master on the web, try to concentrate on one of the Master's teachings; otherwise you'll be wondering around the web again and getting confused.

79. The Law of Repulse. Mankind is guarded by Angels and this Law is giving them the order to protect and serve. Angels play an important role in our lives; they not only protect, but guide and teach us knowledge when we call upon them. It is so vital to raise our vibrations to a level where we can take advantage of these higher vibrational entities.

80. The Law of Responsibility. When we tread on this world, we make a connection with Mother Earth and she graciously provides the energies to live in this material world. In turn we show her gratitude by not destroying or overstepping the rules of conduct.  

Secondly, the Creator has provided limitless opportunities, which can be acquired through the higher self by raising our vibrations, in the form of knowledge. We in turn should show our favour again by not using this knowledge to harm or belittle another person.

We have the responsibilities to guide and be responsible and practice free will, to choose the path we create in our minds.

81. The Law of Rhythm.  All of God’s creations are made from the divine light and refined vibrational frequencies. This light energy, all vibrate at a rhythm which can be measured. If we use Adam as an example, he is made from a certain vibrational frequencies according to a precise formula only the Creator has the knowledge for.

As you learn and find the truth, it is the inner vision that has to be opened. Inside the heart is the truth of humanity and the cosmos. The more you look to the heart the more it will tune to you. The heart is longing for a connection so that it may reveal all the treasures it possesses. The heart is like a portal of inner, higher knowledge that the Creator has stored inside.

You’re heading in the right direction and doing extremely well.

Mother Earth is too dying to make a connection with you and reveal its power and energies. As one connection is made very quickly the rest will follow. So be patient and do not give up at any time.

There is so much going on at this time and it is very exciting, I deeply wished that I was there with you. However, with me being here, you have found the truth in life and the journey to your inner self. I am watching you and guiding you in every step you take. This will lead you to the secrets that you desire.

Keep reading and finding new truths as much as you can. The Angels are guarding the steps you take and will help you. Your heart is opening up as you type, the more you look inside the more it will open up. So start listening to your heart instead of the mind.

Your mother who understands the burdens in life.