Session 120 - Mother Earth -Solar Cycle 23


Hello Son,

I can see you want to know what is happening in this solar cycle 23 and the current events of this time.

There is a lot of cleansing going on right now. Mother Earth demands that her natural resources and vibrations be returned to her. So that she can project her former glory to the rest of mankind by raising her vibrations. At the present time, there is still negativity and destruction by certain negative parties that still are bent on destroying the ascension program. However they will not be successful as positivity and soul awakening is happening at a rapid rate.

Mother Earth is like a massive generator of vibrational energies. Part of its own source is the energies and vibrations we emit in our thoughts. So when we are stressed and feeling negative, collectively she loses her potencies. As over the years there has been so much fear shown and experienced by the negative masters on this world, mankind has suffered unnecessarily.  

Awakening at this current moment in August and the beginning of September is the cleansing of old memories and desires. It is important to move on by letting go of old desires that do not carry any weight but hinder a person’s progress in the current time.

Expect unusual thoughts and dreams that the mind is translating to deal with old desires and memories. Expect emotional times and difficult decisions to be made. But the truth will come out of this phase with a greater understanding and assurances.

It is necessary for the changes geographically, for a lot of Earth movements and earthquakes will occur and there may be considerable loss of life. But, this is necessarily and only then can Mother Earth go back to her former glory and beauty.

Keep focussed and let things around you happen rather than forcing things to happen. Be clear in your thoughts and stay in the light. Let your higher consciousness and me, guide you through these turbulent times. You are greatly protected so don't be afraid of anything; even though you may feel alone at times.