Session 119 - The Law of: Radiation, Rebirth and Rebound


Hello Son,

It is important that you keep the regular channelling at the designated time; this way the vibrational energies will be greater and there will be little disturbance.

Remember to read and catch up on the latest news around the world.

76. The Law of Radiation. It is important to note that these Laws are not only commands but divine knowledge. Each Law contains the vibrational energies and knowledge on each Law.

In this Law the Creator is showing mankind that each living and non-living entity has a frequency of creation which can be measured and understood. If only research can be done.

Even a stone or a leaf has a frequency of creation which translates to the refined qualities of divine attributes contained in the making of that stone or leaf.

77. The Law of Rebirth. This Law concerns the importance of marriage as a continuation of population and the preserving of the race. The Creator has no desire for the human race to disappear, but to continue in its evolutionary track of enquiring and discovering knowledge.

78. The Law of Rebound. This Law is a protection and a liberation of the negativity associated with this material world.

In every person that lives, there are moments when we are our deepest state of emotions. These emotions are when we cannot find solutions to things impossible to solve and get upset. In this state a shroud covers our thinking, making Judgements as a hit or miss.

This Law ensures us, as long as the person is looking wholeheartedly and is a good soul to come to for a solution and get him out of any circumstance he is in. In other words, negativity into positive, with a good frame of mind.

Your mother who is immensely proud of you.