Session 118 - The Law of: the Present Moment, Process, Progress and Prophecy


Hello Son,

You must understand that the Universal Laws carry weight, in terms of the energies which are manifested inside of them. It is a reason why that only one or two at a time can be channelled. Each time you channel, a connection is made with the vibrational energies and the refined qualities they are associated with these Laws. So do not worry that there is a heaviness feeling each time. Take breaks in between the Laws, but do not give up.

72. The Law of the Present Moment. We create and manifest our own reality. Every thought opens a portal of images and consequences which the mind conjures and translates into images and pictures. The present moment consists of Now and the current moment into time. If we think of past moments we create an image which holds a circuit that is a lower vibrational energy than the present moment.

A person, who is constantly regretting his life, is holding onto memories and goes over them time and time again, wondering ‘what if this could happen’. The Law of the present moment are thoughts that are considered of the current and present moments of time. Man must not live in the past but set himself free from lamenting old memories. This Law makes it easier to hold the link with the conscious to the subconscious.

73. The Law of Process. This is the energy and method to complete and accomplish a goal we set ourselves. This Law holds incredible energies which are activated once we have set a determined goal for ourselves.

Everyone has had a burst of inspiration and extra energy, and then suddenly completed a task with little effort. The mind activates the process and the resources, the Creator made possible so that we are able to complete the task.

This process works well when we believe and are not stressed.

74. The Law of Progress. Every person through the ages has evolved and has gained knowledge. When a child is born he/she acquires knowledge as their mind develops. This is progress, when one state of mind has developed and another state by acquiring knowledge. This is a natural evolutional state that has happened regularly through the ages and continues to happen in the future.

This also includes the current time of mankind evolving to the next realms of the fifth dimension and beyond.

75. The Law of Prophecy. Prophecy is knowledge which is held back from most people of certain events and happenings of the future. Only a certain chosen few are able to access this from the Akashic records held in the Super Conscious.
The Creator, whilst given mankind freewill, has however laid down certain events in time for mankind to evolve which happen in this world. God still needs to guide us through these events so that they may benefit the people.

Your mother who understands the burdens of the mind.