Session 117 - The Law of: Polarity, Prayer and Meditation


Hello Son,
70. The Law of Polarity. God created everything in two folds, in a perfect balance. It is a partnership of balanced lights through carefully coordinated planning by the Almighty Creator. The refined qualities and attributes of the Creator, work together in this polarity with no outside interference from anything.

However through our own choices and decisions, we alter and govern the energies around us. This leads to paths that could be good or bad, happy or miserable.

71. The Law of Prayer and Meditation. Prayer is the process where we communicate and plea to God. Meditation is the alignment of the consciousness with the subconsciousness and the soul. Together they are part of Salaat  as written in all the Holy Books.

Man without the aid of the Creator is not able to do or fulfil any of its life’s goals. Prayer and meditation is the intervention and link with God and the messages fed by the soul.

We are aware that in this zone, the material world is full of polluted energies and temptation. These keep mankind from the true essence of life and its real challenges of finding enlightenment.

It is mentioned in every Holy Book that prayer is the first step to enlightenment. To recognise that there is a higher and a Greater Consciousness than us.

Your mother who understands the struggle you are going through.