Session 116 - Concentrate wholly on your development at this moment


Hello Son,

It is clear that there are too many distractions in your life that are stopping you from carrying out the tasks that I have instructed you to do. Nevertheless, there are many hours during a day that you can work around.  

Things will settle down very quickly and you will be able to work again in a rhythm like the earlier weeks before the holidays. There is nothing that I can do about your partner; I have prayed on numerous occasions and you must leave it to God to solve as it will lead to something good in the future.

Now concentrate wholly on your development at this moment, it has not moved on. Keep reading and ask questions so that I can feed you spiritually with the answers. Asking questions is essential otherwise there will be limited progress in the future
The link with me is not going to be cut off or diminished; I think you have felt this. I can be contacted at any time and in any place.  

There are going to be a lot of movements around the world that will lead to devastation in the form of earthquakes, tidal waves, landslides and further flooding. Many lives are going to be lost as Mother Earth aligns and starts the reorganising of development to her former beautiful self again.

This process is going to happen at every two week cycles; this will be covered in the mainstream news. Devastation and loss of life is going to be common from now on.

See me soon.

Your mother who awaits.