Session 115 - Do not doubt your own abilities


Hello Son,

I am glad that you had a nice holiday and everyone in the family too enjoyed themselves. Now let’s move on and continue to develop your consciousness.

You need to do the following tasks in the next four weeks with determination. You’ve got to take advantage of the holiday times that you have remaining, otherwise once the school starts you will become busy again.

Complete the Universal Laws; Channel three times a day or more would be better; Fast all the days in Ramadan and read at least one book every two weeks on spirituality.

These tasks have got to be adhered to and with lots of determination. Do not doubt you own abilities. They are developing at a rapid rate even though you are not aware of them.

When you channel at night, we should not focus on the universal laws, instead I will discuss other issues with you. Your flow is still there and you have nothing to worry about.  

I will see you later to continue with the universal laws.
Your mother who will continue to guide you.