Session 114 - The Law of: Perfection, Periodicity, Planetary Affinity


Hello Son,

67. The Law of Perfection. A person’s goal in life is to find himself and seek perfection. Perfection is the unfolding that takes place inside when we develop mentally and spiritually. The Creator has sent many perfect people to lead by example and they were all Prophets; Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jacob, David, Jesus and Mohammed. All of them left behind there teachings and personal affairs of life; we must study them all and learn their way of seeking perfection.  

Mankind assumes that the Prophets had it easy and everything was given to them by their Lord Creator, God. But this is not true; they struggled in life and regularly broke down pleading for forgiveness and mercy.  

Perfection in a person is positive energy and vibrations that tune into the Great Consciousness of the Creator. To be gentle, kind, merciful, loving, hospitable and sharing are some of the traits a person should seek and develop in their lifetime.

68. The Law of Periodicity.  Learning is a cycle of training and perfection over a period of time. The student develops and perfects his learning through regular routines and practices. Developing spirituality is also a cyclic period full of energy flows and times of silence. In all times of learning, it does not come over night but intense learning and honing of skills.

69. The Law of Planetary Affinity, God. The Almighty Creator of all the universes and planetary systems arranged the cosmos in an ordered and controlled fashion. Have you ever wondered why planets go around the Sun in orbits and why do they not collide with each other?  It’s because they have been programmed to do so.

Like Man, the planets too have inbuilt knowledge and inspire other planetary inhabitations from their vibrations they emit. The planets have an affinity with each other.

Your mother who understands the minds of people.