Session 113 - The Law of: Order of Creation, Patience, Patterns


Hello Son,

64. The Law of Order of Creation. Everything has a beginning and in creation, the beginning is the spiritual realms. By the command, ‘Be’ the spirit came into existence with the process of birth in this world and the mind. Finally, the growth of the body over time and then the development of the spiritual consciousness.

Before any creation, the spirits are held in Arwah . It is here that they mingle and make friends with other spirits and also decide which parents they want to be with when they are born in this world.

65. The Law of Patience. God has granted patience and understanding to all of its creations. It is important to note that knowledge, faith and belief is the foundation of patience. We must first have the desire to ‘Know’, what is around our personal lives and not to live in ignorance. Through ignorance is doubt and uncertainty, leading to anxiety. Patience leads to a better understanding and is a virtue and refined attribute of the Divine Creator. It increases the vibrations of the spirit and tunes into the understanding from the Great Consciousness of the Creator.

66. The Law of Patterns. When we refer to patterns we refer to habits and routines of living. The Creator has laid down this law to make Mankind learn behaviour and routines; which will lead to spiritual growth. If we note a routine of a person, there is order and purpose to his life. We also adopt other people’s routines that work effectively for them. All life’s learning is done by stringent patterns of behaviour and routine learning. Without this mankind would have still been in the cave man era.

Your mother who regularly practices her routine.