Session 111 - The Law of: No Judgements and Non-Attachment


Hello Son,

60. The Law of No Judgements. The soul is non-judgmental and does not discriminate against opinions. The soul through the higher subconsciousness inspires, guides and instructs the consciousness to alleviate difficult circumstances in this world. This role has been ordered and through God’s command for the rest of the person’s life.

61. The Law of Non-Attachment. This Law is to help mankind attain non attachment, as we are all aware of this material world and its dense vibrations that mislead and make life difficult for some. Through meditation and other methods of raising ones vibration, non attachment can be achieved. It is vital to achieve a moment of silence and concentrate on the higher self and momentarily leave the problems of the world behind. Through the higher self, leads to the Knowing necessary for the growth and eventually the understanding, ‘why we are born in this world?’ And also other questions to help in the spiritual growth of a person.

Your mother who understands the duties of the world.