Session 110 - The Law of: Mentalism, Miracles and Monadic Return


Hello Son,

57. The Law of Mentalism. Reality as we know it is governed and understood through the material senses of the mind. We communicate and use the intellect of the mind to translate and interpret events. So in affect the Law is telling mankind and those who are aware of this, that the flow of energies can be manipulated and used through the different veils of understanding of the mind.  

It is important to note that comprehending the material world and its creation is through this Law. In this we include other creations of this universe and the Angels.

58. The Law of Miracles. Knowing the subtle Laws or any of the above Laws we can, if we have gained the trust from the Creator, change or alter events or things. A miracle is something out of the ordinary and this happens in daily events of life, when we are perceptive to it.

A spiritual master or a person, who has acquired this understanding of the Law by tuning into this frequency of the Law, can easily manifest things. For example, changing paper into money or stone into gold.  

When we tune into these vibrations, we automatically understand the way the Laws work and govern in everyday life and around the universe.

59. The Law of Monadic Return. This Law governs the force, energies and vibrations of Evolution. Evolution is an ongoing growth and development of nature and Mankind. If we look back a thousand years and see the lifestyles of people compare to the development of today’s societies and technologies, we will see incredible developments and changes. For these changes to occur Man has been regularly reincarnated back into this world with his memories and intellect.  

Now you have realised that each time you become aware of each Law, you draw in the vibrations and frequencies. If you look back over the weeks, some days you are only able to do a few. This is not due to laziness but, you are genuinely tired because of the heavy frequencies you draw into your body.  Some Laws are powerful than others and the connection one makes can cause  heaviness and tiredness to the body.

You have done extremely well to stay focused and been persistent in finishing all the Laws of the Universe and Spirit.

Your mother of Divine influence.