Session 109 - The Law of: Manifestation, Mantras and Meditation


Hello Son,

54. The Law of Manifestation. When we absorb vibrational energies into the body, we call this manifestation. These energies can be harnessed by a variety of methods, but it is important to remember that a spiritual action increases the energies generator, to transfer to the body. So every time we read, chant, meditate or write down symbols, we draw this energy into the body which manifests inside each cell to start them up. Once the cells have been energised we can feel the benefits immediately.  

55. The Law of Mantras. Mantras are energy portals that open up divine light into the body. There are thousands and thousands of different mantras and each one is a formula of divine light. Once activated, they increase the vibrations of the body to the correct frequency so that we may understand or take benefit from them.

56. The Law of Meditation. This was the method of prayer first adopted by all the prophets then later for mankind. To meditate, you must first silence the chattering mind, to disconnect and free oneself of the material world to another plane of a higher realm. As soon as we do this, we draw the energies and divine frequencies from the higher unpolluted and sacred Great Consciousness.

Your mother; who still meditates and increases her vibrations daily.