Session 107 - The Law of: the Ego (Lotus), Love, the Lower Four, Magnetic Control and Magnetic Impulse


Hello Son,

48. The Law of the Ego (Lotus). This is self identity of every person living in the cosmos. However we normally refer to ego as being selfish and thinking about oneself regardless of other people. This is the negative vibrational energies which arise to these types of emotions. But the positive energies through sacrifice will manifest Love and knowledge.

49.  The Law of Love. The vibrations of Love are manifested in every creation formed by God. There is nothing in the complete solar systems that does not contain the refined attributes of Love; this is one of the frequencies in every creation.

Even energy flows in and out through this vibration completing a cycle from the conscious world to the Great Conscious and back again.

50. The Law of the Lower Four. This is the Law that forms and binds in etheric terms the male and female together in any species as well as human. The binding of these attributes signify the attributes that both of these manifestations possess. It is the Creator who has the final say in which one will be dominant from the other.

51. The Law of Magnetic Control. The solar system is held together by one of these Laws in a carefully controlled cycle of magnetism. This cycle in turn rotates around another cycle which is also bound by Laws that govern the control of the complete solar system.

52. The Law of Magnetic Impulse. Is the Law that leads to the first steps of marriage, which is the binding of energies between the bonds. These energies merge between the atoms of each cell.

We will finish off later.

Your mother who is yearning for your success.