Session 106 - The Law of: Karma, Knowledge


Hello Son,

46. The Law of Karma. It is better understood and well known when we call this Law of Cause and Effect.  

Every action that we take is the result of a decision made by the conscious mind. We then carry out these actions for the benefit of ourselves. In other words, the cause and effect of our lives and every second of the day is the result of multiple decisions making throughout the day. Life is the result of our actions and the cause we create from this. However, the higher self is continuously inspiring the conscious mind and gives advice constantly. The higher self in turn receives messages and advice from the Great Consciousness in the Creator; which is pure in sense of the world and has no pollution in thoughts or advice.

47. The Law of Knowledge. Is the pool of wisdom of all knowledge of the cosmos and beyond. This can only be activated when we study wholeheartedly and regularly. As all knowledge is stored in the cells of each DNA, to activate this we must raise our vibrations to the energy that is governing them to unlock their secrets.

When we study, concentration and focus is essential and there must not be any negative influences around; otherwise we can be disturbed and learning will only take place in patches.  

Knowledge can only be revealed when we have gained trust by our mentor and the Creator. Energies will then align them and we will be able to tune ourselves automatically to receive whatever knowledge we have been focusing on.

Your mother who knows the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and I have trust in you.