Session 105 - The Law of: Inverse Proportions (Longevity) and Justice

Hello Son,

44. The Law of Inverse Proportions (Longevity). This Law relates to and the understanding the life span of a person. When we are born we are given our life span not an age but the rate of breathing. Depending how many times we have breathed in and out we can slow down and increase the life span.

If we lead a hectic life and rush around then we are likely to have increased the breathing rate and have reduced the age when we will die. By meditating regularly our heart rate and breathing rate decreases by which we will increase our own life span.

The Prophet Noah is known to have lived to almost 1000 years. He knew the Universal Laws and this Law of Inverse Proportions. He slowed down his breathing rate to 2 per minute.

45. The Law of Justice. This prevents and protects mankind from going into extremes of negativity.  

When the creation behaves unlawfully and destroys and pollutes the balance of Nature, he/she has lowered the vibration of oneself. By doing so has upset the balance of its surrounding. Nature will protect its own interest by stopping the individual by any means; as authorised by God.  

Your mother of complete wisdom of ultimate light.